8.0 is a fantastic multiplayer io game in which you must move around a vast arena and attempt to destroy other players using your deadly flail! You must swing your flail and attempt to hit the other players – if you score a hit you will damage them and eventually kill them. Watch out however as you can get hit too and eventually if you take too much damage you will be killed!

You can increase the size of your flail by collecting food particles that are scattered around the arena (you know the drill by now with other types of multiplayer io game). As the size and reach of your flail increases you can inflict more damage and gain a tactical advantage over your opponents. Can you dominate the arena and reign as the top Dooms player?

Release Date

May 2018

Developer was developed by Replay Entertainment, who also made


  • A cool .io game featuring a character with a flail
  • Throwable flail ball
  • Customizable character's appearance by buying things with money
  • Growable flail's size
  • Traps that can reduce your flail's size


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS



  • Move your mouse to control the character's movement
  • Use left mouse button or space bar to throw the weapon
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