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April 2021
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)
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Mk48.io is a multiplayer naval combat game. Level up your ship by collecting crates and sinking enemy ships. There are 43 boats modelled on real-world warships, and 9 weapons spread over 10 powerful levels.

How to Play

Immerse yourself in naval warfare

Mk48.io features ship battles on open seas. Particular attention to detail is paid to ship models, weapons, and stats, making it perfect for naval warfare aficionados looking to immerse themselves in a detailed online world with an extensive naval combat system.

Work your way up the ranks

Start as a small ship and work your way up the ranks by battling against other ships and collecting crates. There are 10 levels and a selection of ships are available for each one. Each ship is unique with its own characteristics. Choose wisely to build the ultimate combat vessel.

Use various weapons to your advantage

Use a variety of weapons to battle your enemies and take note of the sensors on your ship to identify nearby enemies and obstacles. As you advance, you can try your hand at joining a fleet with other players. Experienced Mk48.io players may also attempt to explore the Arctic in the far North.

Ship types

  • Motor torpedo boats occupy the lower tiers of naval vessels and are equipped with multiple torpedoes and, occasionally, guns.
  • Corvettes and destroyers, being larger in size, boast a more extensive array of armaments, including slightly more powerful guns.
  • Cruisers serve as a middle ground between destroyers and battleships.
  • Battleships and dreadnoughts are equipped with immensely powerful main cannons and may carry minimal aircraft supply for anti-submarine defense.
  • Submarines can navigate underwater, rendering them impervious to certain attacks; however, they must resurface to utilize certain weapon systems.
  • Hovercraft are versatile vessels that can travel on both land and water.
  • Rams are purpose-built vessels designed for ramming other ships.
  • Dredgers can manipulate land, creating new terrain by clicking ahead of their path and obliterating old land by sailing over it.
  • Icebreakers can plow through ice and snow without taking damage.
  • Aircraft carriers command a squadron of aircraft which follow your mouse cursor to attack enemy ships!


  • Torpedoes - powerful underwater weapons. Some can track enemy vessels with sonar.
  • Missiles - airbourne and travel faster than torpedoes, but are less maneuverable.
  • Rockets - like missiles but lack guidance..
  • Rocket torpedoes - deploy a torpedo when in the vicinity of an enemy submarine.
  • SAMs (surface-to-air missiles) - can shoot down aircraft and missiles.
  • Gun turrets shoot very fast shells that do moderate damage.
  • Depth charges - can be deployed against pursuing ships or submerged submarines.
  • Mines - like depth charges but last much longer and cause more damage.
  • Aircraft - fly towards your mouse cursor, and automatically deploy weapons of their own.
  • Depositor - creates new land.


  • Visual - tracks all targets, with a range that depends on conditions.
  • Radar - tracks targets above water.
  • Sonar - tracks underwater targets.

Release Date

April 2021


Softbear Studios developed Mk48.io.


Web browser


  • Steer: right mouse button
  • Shoot: left mouse button
  • Zoom in/out: mouse scroll


How do I create a fleet in Mk48.io?

Click the panel in the top left corner of the screen to create a fleet. As the creator, you can control who can and cannot join.

Should I visit the Arctic biome in Mk48.io?

The terrain is trickier, so visiting this area isn't recommended unless you're an experienced player.

Gameplay Video