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Paper.io 2

(355,817 votes)
March 2019
Last Updated:
May 2023
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(iOS, Android)
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Paper.io 2 is a real-time multiplayer .io game where you have to capture as much territory as possible by painting it. Paint the map in your own color to take over the Paper.io world! Look out for other players vying to claim your space.

How to Play

Use your mouse to move around and cover the floor with your color. Glide over white space and other players’ paint, then create a connection back to your own color to claim that area. You can also destroy other players territory completely by crashing into their tail when they are exposed.

That also means when you’re moving outside of your color your tail is exposed to attack. Other players can crash into it to obliterate you.

You’ll constantly be battling with other Paper.io 2 players to reclaim your territory and take theirs. Think strategically about how to claim the most land, and don't get too greedy!

Tips and Tricks

  1. Don’t be too greedy. The longer your tail is exposed, the more likely it is that you’ll be destroyed by an opponent.
  2. Attack other players boldly when their tail is exposed. Then claim all the white space they previously inhabited!
  3. Paint cautiously and stay close to your territory until you’re sure it’s okay to claim a larger space.
  4. Move around the edges of the map to minimize exposure while claiming more and more space for yourself!

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  • Real-time online matches with other players
  • Custom skins to define your own image
  • Addictively fun gameplay

Release Date

  • August 2018 (iOS)
  • September 2018 (Android)
  • March 2019 (HTML5)


Paper.io 2 is made by Voodoo.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS

Last Updated

May 05, 2023


Drag the left mouse button to control the movement.


How to play Paper.io 2?

  • Go to Paper.io 2 on CrazyGames.
  • Use WASD or the arrow keys or move your mouse to control your snake.
  • Capture territory by creating complete loops with your snake.

How do you kill other players in Paper.io 2?

You can kill other players by hitting their tail.

Can you reach 100% in Paper.io 2?

It's possible to reach 100% in Paper.io 2, but it isn't easy. You have to claim the entire map working from the outside in.

Gameplay Video

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