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Ludo King

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April 2017
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), iOS, Android

Ludo King is an online Ludo game. You can play Ludo King in online multiplayer mode or locally, as well as against computer opponents. The first player to move all four pieces into their home triangle wins the game!

About Ludo King

Ludo King is an online version of the classic board game Ludo. You can play with your friends and family, or against the computer. It’s a really easy game to learn, making it suitable for players of all ages. 

Ludo Rules

Ludo is a game played by two to four players. Each player must choose one of the four available colors to play as. 

The game starts with each player taking turns to roll the die. For a player to start moving a piece around the board, they must roll a six. Once you have multiple pieces in play, you can choose which piece you want to move.

Rule of six

  • If you have one or more pieces in play, you can choose whether to take a piece out or move a piece six spaces.
  • Players that roll a six earn an additional roll.

Occupied squares

  • If your piece lands on a square occupied by an opponent, their piece goes back to their base, and they must roll a six to take it back out.
  • If you land on the same square as one of your other pieces, it blocks the path for your opponents.

How to Win

You’ll notice five squares of each color heading towards the middle. Once one of your pieces makes a journey all the way around the board, it follows this colored path until it reaches the center. 

Once all four of your pieces have made it to the center, you have finished the game. The winner is whoever manages to reach the center first. Other players then battle it out until all pieces have reached the middle.

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Ludo King is developed by GAMETION AKA Gamotronix.

Release Date

April 2017


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


How can I play Ludo online?

Ludo King is a Ludo game that you can play online with your friends and other players around the world.

How do I find a player on Ludo King?

It’s easy to find other players to play Ludo with. Just click play, online mode, and select to play a game with either 2 or 4 players!

Can I play Ludo King on mobile?

You can play Ludo King on mobile and even download it for free as an app at CrazyGames.


Left click to roll the dice and choose a piece.

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