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Night Steed Games
November 2018
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(iOS, Android)
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MiniGiants.io is a top-down multiplayer deathmatch game. Take control of your own MiniGiant and battle other players for rewards. You can choose from several classes. As you level up, you'll grow larger, more powerful, and earn more loot to make your character stronger!

MiniGiants takes the widely popular growth mechanics of games like Agar.io and Snake and combines them with the classes and epic fights of traditional brawler games.

How to Play

Grow your character

Collect the colorful pieces around the map for energy to grow your character fast in MiniGiants.io. Defeat enemies in battle to level up quickly, and play smart by avoiding conflict with giants. The longer you dominate the game, the bigger and more unstoppable you become!


As you destroy opponents, you'll find they sometimes drop chests of different rarities. Chests include loot for your character and gold for upgrading items. You'll find character items like armor, rings, and helmets, which buff your base stats and make you stronger. The rarest chests feature the most precious gear, so keep your eyes open for them around the arena.


MiniGiants.io features several classes, each with a unique advantage. The default character is Barbarian, which comes with +50% stamina. Other classes are unlocked as you level up throughout the game. All the MiniGiants classes are:

  • Barbarian (level 0)
  • Tank (level 3)
  • Fairy (level 6)
  • Amazon (level 9)
  • Necromancer (level 12)
  • Mage (level 15)
  • Cleric (level 18)
  • Beast (level 21)

Game Tips

  • Avoid bigger players at the start, focus on collecting bits instead
  • Battle as many enemies as you can for quick leveling
  • Collect chests from defeated players
  • Use your loot to upgrade and swap out gear


  • Unlockable characters with bonus stats
  • Fun multiplayer battle gameplay
  • Grow your player to ridiculous sizes
  • Loot superior gear and advance your character

Release Date

November 2018


Niight Steed Games made MiniGiants.io. They also developed the other popular .io game EvoWars.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS


  • Press the left mouse button to attack
  • Press the right mouse button to boost your speed


How can I grow big in MiniGiants.io?

Scavenge and avoid in the early game when you're small. Make bolder moves when you've grown a few levels in size.

How can I get new gear on MiniGiants.io?

Look out for chests dropped by killed players. They contain gear that you can equip. The rarest chest is the Divine Chest, which features a 50% chance of dropping legendary and mythic gear.

Gameplay Video

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