Goodgame Big Farm

Goodgame Big Farm is a fun farm management game. Manage your ranch and become a successful rancher! Expand and upgrade to signify your progress. Plant crops and tend to livestock for cash to grow your farm.

Goodgame Big Farm

Live the dream of peaceful country living. Start from scratch and build up your farm, make it pretty, and be the go-to location for fresh livestock and crops.

Farming is fun and therapeutic, but you'll probably crave more progress. That's why you can level up for more advanced structure upgrades, and convert your small operation into a fine-tuned farming empire gradually over time. Progress, level up and join the community to stay engaged.

If you love building games that allow you to manage and grow a farm at a relaxing pace, Goodgame Big Farm is a superb free-to-play farming game that may be the game you're looking for you.

Farming Goods

Farming goods ensures you maintain a consistent cash flow, which you can then use to upgrade your farm. Anything you have in excess can be sold.

You can raise chickens, cows, and pigs, then sell the following products all around the world. Realistic production cycles mean you have to wait varying times depending on the goods you're producing, but you don't have to sit around waiting. For example, you can work on the development of your farm while you wait for eggs, then use them to make delicious pies!


In Goodgame Big Farm, there are over 45 buildings and upgrade levels you can provide for your farm and use to expand. Each level enhances the structure of a building to signify the growth of your farm! Some buildings include windmills, chicken coups, and a silo. Furthermore, you can use the money you generate to create beautiful decorations such as fountains and plants around your farm.


Join in with events that let you build on islands far away, or join missions to compete with other farmers. Goodgame features a thriving community of over 35 million gamers worldwide. You can interact and co-operate with other farmers and discuss the weekly updates of new content!


  • Advanced farm management features
  • Plant a wide range of crops and seeds
  • Tend to livestock and sell excess goods on the market
  • Grow your farm through land expansion and a variety of upgrades
  • Create farm buildings and build decorations


Goodgame Studios is the developer of Goodgame Big Farm. This development team has produced a variety of online games such as Legends of Honor and Goodgame Empire.



  • Left click to interact with objects and menu items

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