Mahjong Games

Have a look through our selection of traditional style Mahjong games or Mahjong games with a slight twist for added excitement and increase your skills as the ultimate Mahjong master!
Get started with these brain-teasing classic tile-based games and outsmart your opponents or beat your high score. Ever since its development in the Qing dynasty in china and introduction to the western world in the 20th century, the tile-based game named Mahjong has been a favourite pass time to play against friends and family. If you love games where you pitted up against opponents or even yourself and can beat them using skill, strategy and a degree of luck then this is the perfect game for you!

If you love tactical mentally challenging games then you will be eager to check out our Mahjong game titles! There is nothing more satisfying than defeating your opponents using nothing but your wit and strategy, playing the perfect move to force your opponent into a mistake and winning the game! Mahjong games are so much fun and our mahjong titles cover every aspect this genre has to offer; ranging from traditional 2- 4 player mahjong competitions to fun Mahjong games with added twists. The following is three examples of the mahjong games you can find here:

First, we have Mahjong Classic. This is a classic style mahjong game in which you can have hours of fun playing the legendary game. Simply match tiles together in pairs to clear the board, then repeat to beat your high score. Secondly, we have Epic Mahjong Battles which follows the same rules as traditional Mahjong however you will battle against other online players to see who has the upper hand and is the better Mahjong player. Also, we have Halloween connect which is a quirky-seasonal take on the traditional game in which you will match all types of ghosts and ghouls to clear the board. Play this Halloween themed game for a good old scare in time for the festive season.

Why not try out one of the above Mahjong games or see what other games we have available? We promise you will Mahjong master in no time!

We collected 43 of the best free online mahjong games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new mahjong games such as Mahjong Firefly and top mahjong games such as Mahjong Classic, Mahjong Alchemy, and Mahjongg Candy.
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