Mahjong Games

Mahjong Classic
Mahjong Alchemy
Mahjong Real
Mahjong Connect
Mahjongg Candy
Onet World
Mahjongg Candy Cane
Onet Connect Classic
Mahjong Dark Dimensions
Microsoft Mahjong
Kris Mahjong
Mahjong Connect 2
Mahjong Dynasty
Power Mahjong The Tower
Mahjong Titans
Mahjongg Solitaire
Mahjong Relax
Mahjong Classic Webgl
Gold Mahjong FRVR
Mahjong FRVR
Farm Connect
Kris Mahjong: Remastered
Sugar Mahjong

How to Play Mahjong

Traditional Mahjong is based on a board of 144 tiles stacked on top of each other. The goal of Mahjong is to match the same tiles by moving them beside each other. However, this is only possible if you can move the tile left or right without disturbing other tiles.

When you complete one level of tiles, the tiles below will be exposed, allowing you to match those and continue progressing down the tower.

Traditional Mahjong Games

Ready to match your way down 144 tiles of brain-puzzling symbols? Start with traditional Mahjong games to learn the basics and hone your eye for fine details.

Mahjong Classic is a superb starting point. It’s straight-forward Mahjong Solitaire with a top-down view and traditional Chinese symbols. Use the hints when you’re stuck!

 When you’ve nailed the original, you can play around with various Mahjong layouts in Mahjong Real. There are plenty of Mahjong games that closely match the original game, but feature different layouts and perspectives for variety.

Modern Mahjong Games

Step outside the constraints of tradition into a world of creative Mahjong titles. Many games have brought fresh ideas to the Mahjong space.

Mahjong Dark Dimensions is one such innovative title. This title features Mahjong on a 3D rotational cube, with modern game elements like score multipliers and bonuses to reward you. Time is also a limiting factor, just to add to the difficulty. This game is a great brain-teaser for the seasoned player.

Some Mahjong games replace traditional symbols with popular characters like Tiles of the Simpsons and Hello Kitty Mahjong, adding just a touch of modern imagery for gamers starting with tile-matching games.

We collected 51 of the best free online mahjong games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new mahjong games such as Holiday Mahjong Dimensions and top mahjong games such as Mahjong Classic, Mahjong Alchemy, and Mahjong Real.
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