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Match 3 Games

Swipe and swap your way through the elements in any of these free match-3 games. Whether you like swapping jewels or merging resources - there’s plenty of variety for everyone, with new match-3 games added frequently.

Play the best Match-3 Games

Whether you crave jewels, candies or cats, you can squash your appetite in the match-3 arena. CrazyGames has an extensive collection of the best and newest match-3 games online.

Swipe Jewels and Candy

Candy is much better for your teeth when it’s digital. Iconic games like Candy Crush brought match-3 to a vast casual market. Now, there are many spin-offs and innovative new titles to play.

The Papa Cherry Saga will satisfy your urge to combine sweet things. So will Cookie Crush 3. If you're looking for a fun lollipop-based bubble shooter, look no further than Candy Bubble.

Jewels and gems look shinier in an ideal world where they endlessly pour down the screen. That’s why we have jewel match-3 games like Microsoft Jewel. Check out Jewels FRVR and Jewel Burst for other variants.

Match and Merge

An intriguing new genre combo has emerged that combines match-3 with RPG and defense game mechanics. One of the latest and most popular match-3 games is Mergest Kingdom, a thrilling merge game where you build a kingdom by matching 3 elements. Tower Swap is another clever game that uses match-3 to merge parts and create defenses to stop dragons attacking your castle.


What are the most popular Match 3 Games?

  1. Tower Swap
  2. Bubble Fall
  3. Bubble Blast
  4. Arkadium's Bubble Shooter
  5. Forgotten Treasure 2
  6. Skydom
  7. Skydom: Reforged
  8. Match Arena
  9. Candy Bubble
  10. Smarty Bubbles

What are the best Match 3 Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Tower Swap
  2. Arkadium's Bubble Shooter
  3. Skydom
  4. Bubble Tower 3D
  5. Match Arena

What are Match 3 Games?

Match-3 games involve matching three items of the same type. Often, this is to remove the pieces from the game, but some match-3 games involve combining elements to create new things. Most are fun casual games you can easily play on your desktop or mobile device.

Play the Best Online Match 3 Games for Free on CrazyGames, No Download or Installation Required. 🎮 Play Tower Swap and Many More Right Now!
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