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Ludo Hero

(27,447 votes)
June 2019
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)
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Play the original Ludo board game online in Ludo Hero. You can play against the computer or with other players around the world. Choose from a range of avatars and join this exciting knock-out race to the center!

How to Play Ludo Hero


Ludo is a strategic multiplayer game that is fun to play for all ages. To play this original version of Ludo, you must first roll a six on the die to get one of your tokens on to the playing board. Then roll the die again to move your token around the board. Eventually, you'll get back around the board and start heading into the middle. Once you reach the center with all four pieces, you have won the game!


Though Ludo is a simple game that is reliant heavily on luck, you still have to think strategically. For example, you can send other players' tokens back to the start by landing on them. However, there are protected squares annotated with a star symbol, which prevent players from taking tokens on them. You can use these as a safe spot until other players pass by, then try to strike with a lucky roll. You have to think about what moves to make when, especially if you have multiple tokens in play.

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  • Play online with up to four players from around the world!
  • Custom avatars and names to set yourself apart
  • The original Ludo board game
  • Suitable for players of all ages
  • Also available offline

Release Date

June 2019


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Left mouse button to play.


How do you win at Ludo Hero?

You win the game when you move all four of your pieces to the center before the other players.

How can I avoid my pieces being taken in Ludo Hero?

There are protected squares featuring a star symbol. If you hold your piece there it cannot be taken. Use these squares tactically to avoid other players knocking out your pieces.

Gameplay Video