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Stickman Games

Fight, shoot, and race your way through our awesome stickman games! Play the newest and best stickman games by using the list filters to find them.

Play Stickman Games Online

As you might imagine, the most popular stickman games mirror what games are generally popular in other categories. That means you can expect to find a disproportionate amount of stickman fighting games, 2D platformers, and shooting games in this section. After all, they are the most action-packed genres. There's also a few racing games in this category worth checking out, like Free Rider HD and Turbo Stars - Rival Racing.

Stickman Fighting Games

So, what are some good stickman fighting games? Stickman Fighting 3D is a highly-rated 1v1 fighting game with epic combos and moves similar to some of the best regular 3D fighting games.

If you want to fight in wars, the classic Stick War has you covered.

Failing those two options, you can flail around like a wild ragdoll battling stickman enemies with melee and projectile weaponry in Stickman Supreme Duelist 2.

Stickman Shooting Games

There’s no shortage of stickman shooting games. Especially stickman sniper games, for reasons unknown. Many of these games involve using a sniper rifle to eliminate other stickmen. Check out Elite Sniper and pop some stickman heads! If you want to free roam and have a rampage, try Amazing Crime Strange Stickman. For shooting your way out of prison, check out Stickman Prison: Counter Assault.

Henry Stickmin

The most popular games in the stickman section are the Henry Stickmin games. This series is a cult classic, played through by many Youtubers for the viewer’s amusement. The game’s narrative is an action parody that’s driven by the decisions you make. Fleeing the Complex and Escaping the Prison are two fun Henry Stickmin games to play through.

More Stickman Games

As you can see, there are multiple pages of stickman games to sift through and find something you love playing! Many of these games don’t fit the typical genre mould, like Vex 5 and Vex 6, which are games from an action-platformer series centered around a stick figure called Vex.


What are the most popular Stickman Games?

  1. Ragdoll Archers
  2. Stickman Destruction 3 Heroes
  3. Stickman Battle Fight Warriors
  4. Man Runner 2048
  5. Jailbreak: Hide or Attack!
  6. Stickman WW2
  7. Turbo Stars - Rival Racing
  8. Stickman History Battle
  9. Stickman Clicker
  10. Ragdoll Throw Challenge

What are the best Stickman Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Ragdoll Archers
  2. Ragdoll Throw Challenge
  3. Archer Ragdoll Masters
  4. Man Runner 2048
  5. Stickman Epic

What are Stickman Games?

Stickman games cover every game genre. There’s only one difference. You play as a stick figure, often against other stick figures. Other than that, they’re just like ordinary games. There are FPS games, 2D platformers, racing games, RPG games, and even multiplayer games with 3D graphics. All of these games feature stickman characters.

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