8.3 is a fun and competitive online game ideal for playing with friends and family. Complete a range of obstacle courses with other players online. Get as far as you and stay in the game!

How to Play

Battle other players in fun challenges

Compete with other players on various obstacle courses similar to those found in other games like Fall Beans. Get as far as you can without being disqualified to reach victory. There are loads of fun and unique challenges that you’ll only find on

Top the leaderboard

Become the ultimate AstroDud and top the public wins and playtime leaderboard. Create a party and invite your friends to join in the fun in private matches.

Style your AstroDud

You can buy chests in the shop and style your AstroDud with various cosmetics like hats, trails, backpacks, and skins. Create an account and login to access these extra features!

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  • Compete in fun challenges and trials
  • Play privately with your friends and family
  • Crack open chests and style your character
  • Join the daily leaderboards

Release Date

November 2020


IgnasRCom made this game.


Web browser



  • Move your astronaut through the map using W A S D keys
  • Push players by pressing E
  • Jump by clicking the space bar
  • Look around by moving your mouse