Scrumpfy and the Beans Cookies Galaxy

Scrumpfy is a dog with a dream - to reach the cookies galaxy and eat as many cookies as possible! Scrumpfy aims to reach the galaxy by launching himself on a catapult and using his fart power to propel him further! It is your duty to help the dog and upgrade his statistics to help him fly further and collect more delicious cookies.

During each turn, you must pull the catapult back and release Scrumpfy into the air - as he flies through the air, you can move him left and right to collect the cookies. Furthermore, you can use his fart power to give the dog a boost and help him travel further. Each far uses 1 cookie, so the more cookies you collect, the more fart boosts you can use. The longer you travel, the more coins you collect - these coins can be used to purchase important upgrades. Upgrades include elastic stretch, coin multiplier and initial starting cookies. Can you help Scrumpfy achieve his goals and reach the Cookies Galaxy?


You can move left and right sideways to efficiently collect the cookies.


Scrumpfy is developed by Mad Dwarf.


Scrumpfy controls

  • Left click to fart
  • Left and right arrow to move
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