Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing is a hyper-casual fishing game developed by Mad Buffer. It’s fun and easy to play, simply draw your line to hook as many fishes as possible. The fish you catch earn you money. Keep fishing to earn more coins and unlock upgrades!

Tiny Fishing Basics

Tiny Fishing is easy to play from the beginning. Simply cast your line then click and swipe your mouse from left to right to hook the fish. Each fish you catch has a monetary value relative to its rarity. 

To earn more money you are offered three upgrades. These are:

  • The amount of fish you catch
  • How deep your line can go
  • Money earned offline

There is more valuable sea life the deeper you go. Earnings offline simply means money earned when the game is closed.

Tiny Fishing Tips

To maximize your earnings make sure you catch the high-value fish and avoid using your catch quota on low-value catches.

Upgrade your passive earnings and leave the game open while you do other things.

It’s not all about catching more fish. Upgrade your maximum depth to gain access to more valuable sea creatures.

Similar Games

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Release Date

December 2020


Tiny Fishing is made by Mad Buffer.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Click and drag to slide the hook left and right and catch as many fish as you can.
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