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Draw Crash Race

(138,568 votes)
Andrey Melnikov
June 2023
Last Updated:
July 2023
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(Android)

Draw Crash Race is a casual game where you draw your own vehicle and race it in 3D. Use your drawing skills to build a sturdy and fast motor to take to the tracks. The races are filled with all kinds of obstacles to avoid.

How to Play

Draw a supercar

Use your drawing skills to create a sturdy car by connecting the wheels to the pilot's seat, and adding anything extra for aerodynamics! There’s no right way to build your car, but bear in mind it’s quite fragile. Experiment with different shapes to see what works best.

Reach first place

Compete against other racers while navigating obstacle-filled tracks. Green boosters give you extra speed and help you to the finish line. But spiked traps and other deadly contraptions can tear your fragile motor to pieces in one swing.

Upgrade your abilities

Prepare for high-speed races, but be cautious! Your wireframe car is quite flimsy and prone to breaking up. Use the gold you earned from previous races to upgrade your durability, ink, and speed. The more ink you have, the more parts you can add to your racecar. There is a badge on each upgrade icon that indicates your upgrade level.

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Release Date

  • October 2022 (Android)
  • June 2023 (WebGL)


Andrey Melnikov developed this game.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android

Last Updated

Jul 07, 2023


  • W or up arrow key = forward
  • A / D or left and right arrow keys = move left/right
  • Left mouse button = interact with ingame UI


Why does my car keep falling apart in Draw Crash Race?

You could be adding too many lines and extra parts to the car. It's best to keep it simple. Make sure you keep upgrading your durability level to ensure your car stays intact.

Can I save my progress in Draw Crash Race?

Yes, and with a CrazyGames account you can take your progress to another device and resume the game from where you left it.

Gameplay Video

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