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Bloons Tower Defense

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Bloons Tower Defense is the original and first Bloons TD game. Build up your defenses against an ever-increasing flow of balloons. Use a variety of units and upgrades to pop all the balloons in sight before they reach the end.

Bloods Tower Defence is a game that we enjoy taking turns to play or working together to decide which towers to upgrade. There are more advanced versions you can play, but this is a great place to start. As a parent, I appreciate how it teaches my kids how to prioritise limited resources, work out the ideal sequence and, of course, stay calm under pressure. For such a simple game it offers a disproportionate amount of fun.

Review by FamilyGamingDatabase.

How to Play

Stack your towers

Find a good place to put your first defenses and start the first wave. You can only afford the dart and tack towers at this stage. The stats for each weapon are written on the right side and provide helpful information on how the towers work. Placing your defenses in areas that cover the pathways from multiple angles is best, especially where the tack tower is concerned.

Buy upgrades

As the levels progress, you’ll need to upgrade your existing towers to ensure you can hold back the increasing waves of balloons. Your strongest piece throughout the game will be the dart tower. These can stack anywhere and are very powerful with the piercing darts upgrade, so don’t hold back from stacking these potent monkeys together.

Expand to new defenses

Other balloon types that move faster, contain multiple balloons inside them, and require greater firepower are added into the mix on later levels. The trickiest of all is the black balloon. At this stage it’s necessary to consider the bomb and ice tower, which you should be able to afford at this point.

Get the super monkey

You should first buy the bomb tower before buying the ice tower, as only bombs can pop frozen balloons. Things can get out of hand quickly as you get into the later game. You must think faster and build more proactively to ensure the balloons don’t break through your defenses. Eventually, you’ll be able to afford the super monkey, which shreds balloons like a machine.

Complete the game

Bloons Tower Defense doesn’t last forever. Once you’ve got all your defenses in the right place, you can coast through until level 50. This is the final round, and completing it ends the game. Congratulations! Now it’s time to play Bloons Tower Defense 2.

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Ninja Kiwi developed this game.


Web browser


Click/tap the towers you'd like to build and click/tap on the area you want to put them. You can also click/tap the towers you've built to check any upgrades you can buy.


Which Bloons Tower Defense is the best?

If you're looking for nostalgia and used to play web games around 2008, Bloons Tower Defense 1 should satisfy that itch.

What is the best tower in Bloons Tower Defense?

The best tower is the dart tower. The upgrades make it stronger and you'll use this the most. It's cheap and effective, so don't hold back from scattering these all over the map.

Gameplay Video