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Bubble Blast

(15,044 votes)
January 2023
Last Updated:
June 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Bubble Blast is a fun bubble shooter game where you pop bubbles and complete quests. Progress through the levels earning coins and perfecting your skills. Use boosters to help you reach 3 stars and come back for daily rewards!

How to Play

Pop until you drop!

Shoot at bubbles with the same color as the one loaded in your bubble blaster to pop them. You can switch the bubble with one of another color if the one currently loaded isn’t useful.

Use various boosters

Bubble Blast features various boosters to help you destroy all the bubbles. You get to try the bomb and fireball for free when starting out. Later in the game, you can use your gold coins to purchase other boosters, like improved accuracy. You can equip up to 3 boosters at once!

Complete various quests

Bubble Blast has various challenges to keep you playing your A-game. The objective in many levels is to pop all the bubbles, but there are other quests, like collecting crowns, as you progress through the game. There are various rewards, like piggy banks to break, and chests full of goodies to pop open.

Uncover hidden mysteries

Not only are there different base quests, but there are also sidequests to keep you engaged. For example, you gain magical petals every time you reach 3 stars in a level. You can open the secret garden when you earn 20 of these petals. Who knows what mysteries await you there?

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Release Date

January 2023


Mnogoigrovka made this game.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Last Updated

Jun 07, 2024


Drag the left mouse button to aim and shoot the bubbles.


How can I clear more bubbles in Bubble Blast?

Aim for the bubbles higher up. If the bubbles below are hanging from those bubbles, they will all fall at once.

How can I earn more points and achieve 3 stars in Bubble Blast?

Make sure every bubble you fire hits its intended target. Get streaks and combos to earn more points.