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Bouncy Motors

(150,115 votes)
Mewton Games
February 2023
Last Updated:
February 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(Android)

Bouncy Motors is a fun car game where you drive a jelly car over various obstacles. Make your way to the finish line to complete the level, and pick up new skins along the way. Be extra careful when driving on ice, and avoid the red zones!

How to Play

Time-based levels

Drive your jelly car as quickly as possible through the levels without crashing into any red zones or falling from the platforms. Progress through the stages as they get trickier, and earn more cash to customize your Bouncy Motor!

Stickman annihilation

Take your jelly wagon on a death trip. Knock down as many stickmen as possible before the timer runs out. Traverse the terrain, searching for stickmen to plow through. You earn 2 dollars for every stickman you drive over.


Enjoy this classic freestyle drawing editor where you can draw your own track and drive on it, similar to games like Free Rider HD.


Create your own Bouncy Motors tracks in the editor. You can place various blocks and customize them extensively to build custom levels just like the tracks that are already built in to the game.

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After playing Bouncy Motors, check out some other platform games, like Stacky Bird and Geometry Dash, for more challenging titles. Alternatively, we have a large selection of car games to check out.


  • Bounce through various levels in your jelly car!
  • Earn more cash for completing the level quickly
  • Buy various skins to create a cool, unique looking motor
  • Invite a friend to join in the fun with 2-player mode

Release Date

February 2023


Mewton Games developed Bouncy Motors.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Last Updated

Feb 29, 2024


PC Controls

  • W / up arrow key = drive forward
  • S / down arrow key = drive backward
  • A / left arrow key = rotate counterclockwise
  • D / right arrow key = rotate clockwise

Mobile Controls

  • Left joystick = drive forward and backward
  • Right joystick = rotate car


How do I customize my vehicle?

There is a customization tab on the bottom left which you can use to purchase new skins with your cash.

How do I create my own levels in Bouncy Motors?

Head to the editor game mode and create your own track. Your track will save automatically.

Gameplay Video

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