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Tower Defense Clash

(38,931 votes)
August 2023
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Tower Defense Clash is a tower defense game where you protect a castle from the persistent attack of outsiders. Place your turrets, upgrade them, and keep the horde away from the castle. Progress through the unique levels. It's all about thinking ahead!

How to Play

Embark on your quest

Start your journey as a master of tower defense, tasked with defending a series of castles from imminent attack. On this quest, you’ll battle various enemies, build and upgrade robust defenses, and use a range of epic spells to smite down the attacking hordes.

Prepare your defenses

Start the first level and jump into the action. There’s a cool-off period where you can plan your strategy and build defenses before each wave of enemies. Each defense has a unique ability, like long-range archery or wide-impact boulders. Choose wisely where you place each tower.

Upgrade and use spells

Every vanquished enemy delivers gold to your pocket in real time. Use that gold during battle to place more towers and upgrade the existing ones. Use your spells on large groups of enemies to stop them in their tracks.

Progress to uncharted lands

Progress further down the path to victory into new terrains and trickier battles. As you move to the later levels, unique defenses and a litany of new spells await. You’re awarded a star rating for each level you complete. You can replay levels if you want to improve your score!

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Release Date

March 2023


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use the left mouse button to play the game.


How many levels are there in Tower Defense Clash?

There are 18 replayable levels in this game.

How can I skip the wait time between waves?

If you click the loading skull icon, it skips straight to the next wave.

Gameplay Video