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December 2010
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Frogger is a classic arcade game. Control the frog over hazardous roads and rivers to reach the other side. Rinse and repeat. This newer version features updated graphics but remains largely the same as the original Frogger.

How to Play Frogger

The concept of Frogger is simple. Just get that frog from A to B. Yet it’s a challenge to execute. 

Move your frog using the arrow keys. Be careful. Avoid the moving vehicles. On the river, jump across the logs to get your frog to its “frog home”. There are five of these homes, so you have to repeat this four more times. Then you move to the next level.

Each level adds even more difficulty. Expect crocodiles, snakes, faster moving vehicles and rapid flowing rivers as you get further into the game. This poses a challenge to a mere frog with three lives.

Game Tip

Everything in Frogger moves predictably. The vehicles are all moving in time. The logs have set speeds and orders which can be exploited by a savvy gamer. The same goes for them pesky snakes and crocodiles, too. Get a feel for the timings, hone your reflexes, and play frequently to master this game.

About Frogger

The original Frogger needs little introduction. It was a hugely successful game when released in 1981.  Since that time, there have been countless remakes to modernize the visuals and gameplay.

However, you can’t beat the simple charm of the original Frogger. It’s a game that transcends boundaries. This version of Frogger maintains everything that makes the original game great while improving the visual fidelity for modern screens.

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Use the arrow keys to move the frog up, down, left, and right.