Text Twist

Text Twist is a word game made by GameHouse that tests your mental and grammar skills. In this browser game, you have to make as many words as you can with the letters that you are given.

During each round, players are given two minutes and a set of letters. Let’s say, for example, the letters were D S O S I L. The player would have to make as many words as possible out of these letters. A couple of words could be soil, and slid, for example.

For each round, there is a set number of words that must be found. This really tests the player’s literacy skills. As the game progresses, players can also unlock an untimed version which allows them a chance to practice. At its core, the game is similar to anagrams, where the object is to rearrange letters to form words. Unlike anagrams, however, you don't start with an actual word. Instead, the text is random. It might not be action-packed, but it's about as addictive as they come.

This is one of the most addictive and fun word games we have featured on Crazy Games. Why not test your knowledge of words today and see if you can master Text Twist?


This game is made by GameHouse.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



You will begin with a group of balls marked with a letter. Click on a ball to place it into the box above, then click Enter when you're ready to submit it. The word appears in the grid at the top of the screen. There's also a secret 'bingo word,' that earns you bonus points if you discover it.
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