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Little Alchemy 2

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August 2017
Last Updated:
February 2023
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Little Alchemy 2 is an intuitive online crafting game developed by Recloak. The aim is to combine elements to create new ones. Start by mixing Earth, air, fire, and water to produce new elements. Discover over 700 items and unlock the recipes to time, matter, and the Universe!

How to Play Little Alchemy 2

Combine the elements

Simply drag items you want to combine from the menu on the right into the middle screen. Then, drag one object onto the other to try and combine them both.

Track your recipes

A valid combination rewards you with new items and provides the recipe in the encyclopedia. You can use the encyclopedia to track your progress and read about the items you've discovered.

Clean your canvas

Being an alchemist will start to get messy, thankfully there's also a "clean up" button located in the top left to clear your canvas. The search feature in the top right is also handy when you're losing track of your creations!

Alchemy Combinations

Recloak is constantly updating Little Alchemy 2 with new items to craft. There are currently over 700 items.

Some combinations will be more evident than others, and there are often more ways than one to create a new item. Some combinations rely on logic and others require more creative, out-of-the-box thinking. Here are some basic creations so you understand how Little Alchemy works:

  • Fire + Mist = Air
  • Earth + Air = Dust
  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Earth + Lava = Volcano
  • Fire + Stone = Metal

These are all logical combinations. However, some combos don't seem as obvious, like water + horse creating a hippo. Sometimes you have to think outside the box and mix elements you wouldn't expect to create anything.

Little Alchemy Tips

  • Click the 'hints' button in-game to get Little Alchemy tips
  • Check out the Fandom page for more in-depth knowledge
  • Combine elements creatively - some combos make more sense than others!

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  • Over 700 items to craft
  • Unique discoveries to be made
  • Logical and creative solutions
  • Relaxing gameplay with chill music


Recloak develops Little Alchemy 2. Check out the original Little Alchemy, for more creative challenges!

Available Game Platforms

This game is developed in HTML5 and is available in your browser, on all your devices (including mobile devices and tablets!).

Last Updated

Jan 31, 2023


  • Left click to interact with the menu items
  • Left click and drag to select items from your inventory

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