Click Snowball Fight

Click Snowball Fight is a unique match three game that combines match three elements together with aspects of tower defence. Your castle is under siege by an army of angry penguins and you must work hard to defend your empire and thwart their attack!

Match at least two of the same colored blocks together to dish out attacks to the penguins. If you match three or more colored blocks together you can unleash combo attacks and devastating special attacks. The attacks and spells are fun and include moves such as fireballs and ice beams. Defend for as long as possible and keep your fortress safe – how long can you survive for against the black and white army?

Release Date

January 2018


  • Many colored blocks
  • Different penguin models that are coming for your castle
  • You can call a new set of blocks
  • Nice music


This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).



Use left mouse button to choose blocks.
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