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June 2023
Last Updated:
April 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Sandtrix is a Tetris game with a twist—the pieces transform into sand when they touch down. The objective is to align blocks of the same color until they form one continuous color from left to right. When you make a horizontal line of color, the pixels disappear, and you earn points.

How to Play

Game modes

There are three game modes to enjoy in Sandtrix. The first is the classic endless mode. In this mode, you clear sand endlessly until the inevitable filling of the game area. As time progresses, the speed increases. Once the blocks reach the top, it’s game over.

The other game modes follow similar rules but have fundamental differences. In the high-score game mode, the objective is to get the highest possible score within 3 minutes. Other than that, the rules are the same. In clear 40 it is precisely as the name suggests—clear 40 rows. There is no time limit in this mode. Just make sure you don’t fail!

You get one point for a pixel cleared in any game mode. If you clear a row again before the meter runs out, you can reach combos up to 10x.


There are three difficulty levels in Sandtrix. In easy mode, you have the whole game space to place your blocks, and the speed is normal. However, the medium and hard difficulties ramp up the speed and limit the available play space. Hard mode is particularly challenging. We strongly recommend staying on the first difficulty setting for a while before attempting the others.

About Sandtrix

Sandtrix is also known as Sandtris, Setris, and Sand Tetris, among other names. In part, it’s due to the game going viral under various names on TikTok and other social platforms. It might seem to defeat the purpose of Tetris for the pieces to turn into sand, but the more you play, the more you realize the smaller details about how each shapes land, and learn to maximize each piece more effectively.

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Release Date

June 2023


Markus developed Sandtrix.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Last Updated

Apr 15, 2024


  • Enter or left mouse button = Confirm / interact with in-game UI.
  • P = pause
  • W or Up arrow key = rotate blocks
  • AD or left/right arrow key = move left/right
  • S or down arrow key = drop blocks
  • On mobile: Tap to rotate the block, swipe left or right to move the blocks


How can I improve at playing Sandtrix?

Sandtrix takes a while to figure out and master. It's best to stick to the first difficulty setting and keep playing until you start to notice different strategies for placing blocks.

How difficult is Sandtrix?

In many ways, it's more challenging than regular Tetris. It's not an easy game, but it's a lot of fun once you figure it out and the combos start flowing!

Gameplay Video