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Word Wipe

(38,457 votes)
July 2019
Last Updated:
September 2023
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Word Wipe is a word search game with a twist. You can use letters from all around, and in any direction. When you combine the letters to make a word, the letters disappear from the grid. This drops the position of the letters above, leading to all kinds of unique letter combinations!

How to Play Word Wipe

Finding Words

To play Word Wipe, search the board for words. Select the letters of the word to remove the tiles. When the tiles disappear, the letters from above fall into their place. You can create words using adjacent letters in any direction, similar to the game Boggle. The minimum word length is three characters.

Time Limit

Every level you play on Word Wipe is timed, so you have to work quickly to achieve the objective. With each new level, your goal is to remove a higher number of rows. Once you remove the lines, the game rewards you with a bomb that destroys a section of your choosing.

Unique Mechanics

Word Wipe is a great alternative to the traditional word search, with more creative word combinations due to the looser rules. These combinations vary depending on what words you choose to remove.


At the end of the level, you get a score that shows your best word, highest level, and more cool stats from the game so you can track your progress!

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Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Release Date

July 2023


Arkadium developed Word Wipe.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Last Updated

Sep 27, 2023


Drag left mouse button to link words.


How do I clear words in Word Wipe?

Click the starting letter and drag in the direction you see the word. You can go in any direction, and even change direction to create a word.

What is the objective in Word Wipe?

The main objective is to clear the number of rows stated at the beginning of each round. It is not about finding the biggest words, although that will help toward your score.

Gameplay Video