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Word Games to test your literary skills

What are Word games

Word games or word game puzzles are often intended to test the knowledge of the language and to explore its properties. However, many of the Word games here are just really fun! Think about it - language is formed from millions of words. This creates an opportunity for hundreds of different puzzle games.

The following are some examples of popular free online word games available on Crazy Games:

Popular word games

  • Crossword puzzle - This is a very popular word puzzle that consists of a diagram divided into blank and canceled squares. It is accompanied by a list of numbers and definitions or clues that you'll have to use to fill in the blanks in the diagram. Sometimes, letters within these words will form together to create another final word - this is the end-aim of a crossword.
  • Scrabble - This type of word game is very popular in Europe. The players draw letters and each is assigned a score. E and A, for example, both score 1 point. The goal is to create words with the letters and add up as many points as possible. Some letters and tiles have bonuses such as a triple letter score.
  • Wordfinder - For this type of word game, you have to find words in a diagram filled with letters. Scoring for this kind of is often time-based. This game is a great example. Word search games are traditionally found in newspapers, but online versions are also available.
  • Type game - This is an educational type of game. The games are designed to help you to learn to type faster. Users will face different typing challenges that aim to improve their speed, and dexterity.

CrazyGames has an excellent variety of fun word games. Waffle Words, for example, is a fun word search game in which users must find words within a grid in a set time-frame. Alternatively, Fast Typer is an excellent typing game that tests your fast fingers. Try out these awesome word games and more today.

We collected 53 of the best free online word games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new word games such as Kitty Scramble and top word games such as Word Wipe, Word Sauce, and Kitty Scramble.
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