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Tropical Merge


Tropical Merge is a merge game where you build a tropical paradise. Match various resources in groups of 3 to create new items. Start building the perfect tropical island by completing quests and matching hundreds of objects!


Build your tropical paradise

Tropical Merge features various tropical objects that you can combine with other items in groups of 3. Merging these 3 ingredients creates an entirely new object. That object too can be combined with 2 others to produce further upgrades. Each upgrade becomes more valuable as you continue to build your tropical paradise!

Explore and expand to new areas

Earn amulets and level up to unlock more areas and expand your island. The more areas you open, the more freedom you have to merge and build until you’ve created the perfect utopian island society. There are all kinds of rarities and unlockable items scattered around the map for you to find on your adventure.

Complete quests

Merging and discovering new items is great fun, and many are part of quests that will reward you for building new items. There are so many quests to keep you hooked, and daily quests to keep you coming back for a fresh challenge!

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Tropical Merge is developed by Clever Apps.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use the left mouse button to move the objects.