Candy Riddles

Candy Riddles is a match-3 game with yummy sweets. Match an array of colorful and delicious treats like cookies, donuts, and ice creams to get more points and get to the next level! Match a minimum of 3 candies to eliminate them.

Candy Riddles Gameplay

Candy Riddles is similar to Candy Crush but with its own unique style of gameplay. Match three or more candies to eliminate the row and unlock new candies that give you special abilities. Each level comes with a unique design that makes you think differently.

Candy Riddles Levels

As you move through the levels as a candy-matching machine, you'll unlock new items and challenges that keep the gameplay fresh. These can be collectible elements like honey or special sweets for matching longer chains of candy. For example, in level 3, matching five sweets will give you a rainbow cake! This eliminates all of the matched colors, creating a tasty avalanche of treats. There's much more to discover in each level, so give the game a try!

Match 3 Games

Match-three puzzle games originated from popular tile-matching games like Tetris. The first match-three game was Shariki, released in 1994. Today, they have been hugely popularized by the likes of the Candy Crush Saga, but there are many more fun match-3 games! Here's some more available at CrazyGames:

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Release Date

January 2018 (Android and iOS). February 2020 (HTML5).


Candy Riddles was made by Clever Apps.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS



Drag left mouse button to swap positions.