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Tetris Games

Check out these free online Tetris games and jump into the retro world of Tetris from the original game to radical new spin-off titles.

Play the Original Tetris For Free

Tetris is a puzzle game known worldwide for its iconic music and addictive gameplay. There are many online recreations of the original game that offer the same joyous gameplay as the original. You can play Tetris for free at CrazyGames and relive those classic gameplay moments that inspired millions of gamers.

Tetris-Inspired Genres

However, along with the original Tetris, there are many more games like Tetris that bring their own unique flavor to the puzzle genre. One of the most popular spin-off games is 10x10, and there are many more 10x10 games to play, like Block Champ, TenTrix, and Wood Blocks.

Tetris Reinvented

The Tetris format has been reinvented and modified countless times. Sometimes with excellent results. Sandtrix features Tetris pieces made of sand, and Drop and Merge the Numbers is a merge game following the Tetris format.

There are many more Tetris games above, as you can see. Roam free and try some of them out!


What are the most popular Tetris Games?

  1. BlockBuster Puzzle
  2. Drop & Merge the Numbers
  3. Wood Block Journey
  4. Block Champ
  5. Block Puzzle Master
  6. Sandtrix
  7. Merge to Million
  8. Block Puzzle Plus
  9. 10x10
  10. Haru Pandas Slide

What are the best Tetris Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. TenTrix
  2. Wood Block Journey
  3. Block Champ
  4. 10x10
  5. BlockBuster Puzzle

What are Tetris Games?

Tetris is a game so iconic that it inspired countless spin-off titles. Some of the Tetris games that emerged are pretty similar to the original, while others are a more radical adaptation of the original format.

Play the Best Online Tetris Games for Free on CrazyGames, No Download or Installation Required. 🎮 Play BlockBuster Puzzle and Many More Right Now!
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