Dead Maze is a superb MMO title in which you must try and survive in a world that has been destroyed by natural disasters. An infection plagues the earth and civilisation is being turned into mindless bloodthirsty zombies who roam and kill anything in sight. You must use your skill, logic, strength and perseverance to survive in this harsh new reality.

Before you start your survival you can customize your appearance - choose your outfit, hair color and hairstyle for example. Move around the land and gather resources - use these resources to fulfil your basic needs to hunger, thirst and stamina. You can then look to creating tools and weapons, and eventually shelter to survive in against the elements, and against the zombies! This game has a fantastic storyline and will keep you gripped for hours!

Release Date

February 2018


Dead Maze was made by Atelier 801.


  • MMO game in which you can freely make the character move and attack
  • Customizable character's appearance
  • A character that can use different equipment
  • Level up and status effects
  • A cool combat mechanics that allow you to do combos and use skills
  • Many scattered things around the map that you can pick-up
  • Basic needs, like food and water that you should continue to meet
  • Explore new areas with more challenges
  • Missions to complete
  • Interesting storyline to follow


This game is a web browser game and also available on Steam.



  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to interact/do combo
  • 1234 to use skill
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