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Henry Stickmin Games

Join Henry Stickmin on a choose-your-own-path adventure with several different endings depending on your choices.

Play Henry Stickmin Games Online

The Henry Stickmin series was one of the most popular Flash game series’ on Newgrounds.

You can play the original Henry Stickmin games for free in your web browser here at CrazyGames. The free Henry Stickmin games are made accessible through carefully placed advertisements that shouldn’t disrupt the gaming experience.

Henry Stickmin: The Character

Henry Stickmin is a stick figure and the main protagonist in the Henry Stickmin games collection. He starts as a petty thief, but from there, it’s up to you what path he takes.

The fun thing about these games is the ability to choose Henry's path. You can become a successful government agent, space resort owner, bounty hunter, criminal mastermind, and even a cyborg, depending on your choices. There are multiple comical twists, turns, and eccentric life paths - but there are also numerous ways to fail along the way, so stay sharp.

Henry Stickmin: The Collection

You can play these Henry Stickmin games for free, no downloads:


What are the most popular Henry Stickmin Games?

  1. Fleeing the Complex
  2. Infiltrating the Airship
  3. Stealing the Diamond
  4. Escaping the Prison
  5. Breaking the Bank
  6. Completing the Mission
  7. Crossing the Pit

What are the best Henry Stickmin Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Fleeing the Complex
  2. Escaping the Prison
  3. Crossing the Pit
  4. Infiltrating the Airship
  5. Breaking the Bank

What are Henry Stickmin Games?

Henry Stickmin games are a collection of web games made in Flash, released initially on Newgrounds. You can now play this legendary collection of games on the web for free without Flash.

Play the Best Online Henry Stickmin Games for Free on CrazyGames, No Download or Installation Required. 🎮 Play Fleeing the Complex and Many More Right Now!
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