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Dead Land: Survival

(25,768 votes)
September 2023
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Dead Land: Survival is a survival game set in a zombie-infested apocalyptic world. Upgrade your hero, renovate your shelter, loot abandoned territories, craft equipment, and survive in unforgiving lands.

How to Play

Embark on a quest through dangerous apocalyptic lands

Dead Land: Survival is filled with threats from the infected ones, who have ravaged the Earth into an inhabitable hellscape. From your home in Nightstone to the grueling quarantine zone, there is a vast world to explore. Be prepared to fight for your survival!

Harvest resources to craft new items

You’ll harvest materials from trees and other natural resources to upgrade your hero, fix vehicles, and repair dilapidated buildings like your shelter and workshop. You’ll also find loot all around the zombie-infested areas on the map.

Fight against the infected using various weapons

You can craft various melee weapons and use guns to fight against zombies in a turn-based struggle to survive. Health packs and food will help you maintain your strength during difficult fights. Weapons degrade over time, so make sure you repair them when needed.

Complete quests for other survivors

Nightstone is your starting point in Dead Land: Survival. It’s a town inhabited by other survivors who will trade with you and provide quests. Various characters will reward you for completing tasks for them. Over time, you’ll be able to visit other areas inhabited by survivors too.

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  • Fight turn-based battles with zombies
  • Craft weapons and equipment
  • Earn ratings and compete with clans
  • Complete various quests

Release Date

February 2021


Dead Land: Survival is made by swanrnd.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use the left mouse button to play the game.


How do I fix broken items?

Broken items can be repaired in the Workshop building.

What are the lighters, cigarettes, matches, and other items for?

Most of the in-game items are needed to complete settler quests, and some can also be used to upgrade buildings and shelters.

Gameplay Video