Firestone Idle RPG

Firestone Idle RPG is an Idle fantasy MMO game set in the world of Alandria. Fight hordes of Undead and Orc enemies in a party of up to five heroes, join a guild, and reap the rewards from progressing your character. Firestone is an Idle RPG, which means the gameplay focuses on simple actions like left-clicking.

Firestone Story

As the Hero in this story, your goal is to eliminate the Undead and Orc forces who are wreaking havoc and disorder in Alandria. The King has entrusted you to stop these chaotic forces and acquire the Firestones to save the Kingdom. Battle these endless hoards around the Alandria map to claim the rewards and increase your talents.


Heroes are separated into classes and specializations. Classes indicate your Hero's abilities, which are activated by using mana, rage, or energy. They consist of Warrior, Mage, Priest, Druid, and others. Specializations are effectively the role you take in battle, this could be DPS, tank, or healer. With a variety of combinations and skills to focus on, you can level up the ultimate Hero to dominate the game in your own style!

As well as allowing up to five Heroes to a party, you can also use one Guardian. The Guardians are divine creatures like angels and dragons, which can be unlocked in the Magic Quarter and used against your enemies.


There's a limitless range of missions, daily quests, and weekly quests in Firestone Idle RPG. Daily quests can be as simple as opening three chests, or bigger challenges like completing nine map missions. Weekly quests require more of an investment and reward you with common, rare, epic, and legendary chests depending on the quest and your Hero level. Level up your in-game talents to clear your quests quickly and claim the rewards!


Progressing your Heroes to be incredibly powerful is what makes Firestone so much fun to play. You can do this by focusing on your most essential skills via the talent tree, but the gear you use is also vital. The rarest equipment is the best, find it, enchant it, and use it to decimate the hoards more quickly.

Expanded Gameplay

As you continue to level up, you'll unlock mind-blowing new capabilities through new buildings in the town. Earlier on, you'll have the Hall of Heroes and Magic Quarter for your Heroes and Guardians.

As you progress into the later game, you'll unlock the Alchemist, where you can run experiments for random upgrades and transmute chests to higher rarities. The game is frequently updated with new content so there may be more buildings for the town in the future!


  • Fight action-packed battles against hoards of enemies
  • Receive consistent rewards for your progression
  • Refine your abilities using the diverse talent tree
  • Fight in parties of five with your guild-mates
  • Free-to-play with regular updates for fresh gameplay!

Release Date

May 2019


Holyday Studios developed this game. Explore our RPG and Idle games for more free-to-play online games similar to Firestone Idle RPG.


  • Web browser
  • Steam



Left click to interact
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