Jet Cat

Jet Cat

Jet Cat is a fun and addictive platform game with similarities to the immensely popular Flappy Bird title that drove so many people crazy! You have heard of the saying that cats can’t fly? Well Jet Cat puts this phrase to the test and shows you that indeed they can! Our heroic cat is strapped to a jetpack and you must help him avoid the many obstacles in his way.

The controls are simple – just use the left-click mouse button to keep your cat in the sky and time your clicks right to avoid smashing into the platforms. You must try and avoid hitting the platforms and see how many obstacles you can successfully pass in one go!

Release Date

February 2018


Jet Pack is developed by Onduck Games.


  • The game is inspired by Flappy Bird, featuring a cat with a jetpack
  • You are playing in a barren area with stone platforms full of mechanical things
  • Cute cat meow if you hit a platform
  • Simple one button controls


This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).


Press left mouse button to make the cat ascend.