8.0 is a fun .io game with a unique concept. This .io title is like no other available and offers great multiplayer gameplay. This is a game of pool: you must use your ball and try to pot other balls into the various holes spread around the map. To shoot your ball you simply click and hold the left-click button and aim using your mouse – a power bar fills the longer you hold the left-click button for.

There are a range of generic AI balls you can pot for points, and you can also try and pot other players and cannon them into the pockets. There is a mini-map that allows you to keep track of your opponent’s movement and the position of the pockets. As you progress and score more points you level up – as you level up you can unlock new abilities and skills such as a ghost mode. Can you become a pro pool player and pot your enemies?

Platform is developed using HTML5.



  • Hold left mouse button to charge power
  • Right click to use full power shot
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