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March 2024
Last Updated:
June 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Miniblox is an online game featuring voxelated graphics and a diverse selection of minigames. Explore endless possibilities as you delve into a vibrant world of creativity and competition. Join in, and let the voxel adventures begin!

How to Play

Core game modes

The two core game modes in Miniblox are survival and creative. Much like Minecraft, survival involves starting out with nothing with a survivalist aim, whereas creative mode gives you free rein to do what you want. If you want to be sure you join a game filled with other players, click browse to view the list of active games with players in!

World creation

Like other creative voxelated games, you can harvest resources, mine the Earth, build structures, and craft various items to advance. You can also create and load worlds with unique characteristics, terrains, and use custom seeds to generate worlds with a custom set of preferences.


Miniblox has a range of minigames with various objectives. Take to PvP in modes like Eggwars and Skywars, or show off your jumping skills in parkour. Here’s the full list to explore!

  • KitPvP
  • Skywars
  • Eggwars doubles
  • Eggwars quads
  • Spleef
  • Bridge duels
  • One in the quiver
  • Classic PvP

Online gameplay

There’s an awesome range of social features in Miniblox. You can add friends, create custom rooms with your own criteria, and invite other players to join you.

Collect coins from your games and daily login bonus to purchase new skins!

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Release Date

January 2019


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Last Updated

Jun 17, 2024


  • WASD = move around
  • Space bar = jump
  • Shift = sprint
  • Alt= crouch
  • Left click = mine and attack
  • Right click = place blocks
  • E = open your inventory
  • Double tap space = fly in creative mode
  • Enter = chat
  • P = pause the game


Is Miniblox a PvP game?

Many of the game modes in Miniblox are PvP - Egg Wars, KitPvP and Classic PvP to name a few.

What mode is best if I want to play a game like Minecraft?

The creative and survival modes offer a very similar experience for Minecraft enjoyers.

Gameplay Video