Blast out to space and take control of your very own destructive spaceship in! This progressive IO game allows you to upgrade your spaceship and improve its damage, health and firepower. Travel around the map and blast apart meteors in order to gain star dust - this dust can provide additional ammo and also XP to reach higher levels. As you level up, your ship transforms into more powerful versions. Be careful though - if you are destroyed, you will drop a level!

Throughout the map, you can also gain special drops such as improved weapons and health boosts. The weapon drops include a super laser that can blast your enemies to pieces. Each round lasts for a set amount of time and the winner is the spaceship with the most points at the end! Can you dominate your enemies and rule the stars unchallenged?


Spaceship controls

  • Use your mouse to move
  • Left click to shoot
  • Right click to shoot secondary weapon (if owned)
  • Space bar to boost
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