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Piaf.io is a fantastic .io game in which you must control a bird or Piaf and attempt to knock other Piaf’s out of the sky using your ball. Your ball actively rotates around your body like a planet around the sun and you can collect more by eating the food that is scattered around the map. Your bird automatically flies downwards – you can only control its upward movement by using the left or right arrow keys.

When moving around the map be sure not to touch the red outer area and keep your Piaf flying. You can take out other Piaf’s by hitting them with your rotating ball and you can also use the space bar to provide your Piaf with a speed boost. Be careful however as when you use the speed boost, your ball will decrease in size. As you collect more food, your Piaf increases in size. Can you conquer the skies and dominate with a gigantic Piaf?


Piaf.io is developed by Arrada Studios.


  • AD or left/right arrow or mouse button to move
  • Space bar to dash
  • WSP to grab

Walkthrough Video



Piaf.io is a well-designed .io game. You can check it out here on CrazyGames.com , for free. It has been played by 32,680 people and has been rated 8.8 / 10 by 768 people. This highly addictive .io game is made with HTML5 to work fast in most browsers. One of the many advantages about playing Piaf.io here is that you can play it in full-screen. In addition to playing Piaf.io on your computer, you can also install the Piaf.io app on your Android phone and tablet. If you enjoy it, make sure to try out our other .io games or Hole.io and Hole.io Online.