Dragon Ball Z Fighters

Dragonball Z Fighters - enter the world of Dragonball Z. After Pokemon Mega, now it is the game for Dragon Ball Z Fighters! Battle with your favorite characters and become the legend.

When starting the game, players must choose their character. Choose an awesome Super Saiyan name and gender. After creating a character, players jump into this game developed for mobile platforms. The video game has automatic battles in story mode - this means users can concentrate on upgrades and improving their character.

The playable characters are many and based on characters from the awesome Dragon ball fighterz TV show. Players can customize their characters in a myriad of different ways, however. Firstly, players can wear equipment and accessories such as enchanted jewelry and armor.

Secondly, players can upgrade their abilities and improve their attacks and special moves. The game has great depth and users can try to become a super warrior. This title works well on many devices including Android 16, Android 18, and iPhone devices.

Don’t forget to enter the world tournament when you feel your character is strong enough. Also, remember to use future trunks ability. Finally, remember to use the arc system works to improve your character. As players progress, they can unlock new features within the game such as the ability to forge new weapons. Always keep track of what is in your bag, and get rid of or sell unwanted items.

The game has great content and playability. The ability to chat to, and interact with other players is also a nice feature. Ensure that you obey the chat rules and refrain from using offensive language! Have fun and see if you can build the ultimate Dragonball Z Fighters character.

Release Date

July 2019


PocketGame made Dragon Ball Z Fighters.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Left mouse button to play the game.
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