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Perform Emergency Surgery

In the middle ages, surgery was performed by barber-surgeons, not doctors. They’d cut your hair, and then perform surgery on you with strange old devices. Nowadays, surgery is performed via browser games.

Well, maybe not. But we do have medical professionals to do it these days. You can be a modern-day surgeon in Emergency Surgery, dealing with various patients who have peculiar problems! Fix their ailments and cure them as quickly as you can.

Funny Surgery Games

Who says you can’t perform surgery while having a good time? Funny surgery games feature patients with a host of unbelievable illnesses. In Funny Ear Surgery you won’t believe what Sora has in her ears! It looks like some bacteria have set up a campsite.

Then there’s Luke and Lora, they are sad and poorly from staring at screens all day! Sound familiar? They really want to be fixed so they can go and play. Help them get better in Funny Eye Surgery.

Surgery games are mostly amusing and light-hearted. After all, real surgery is a serious profession that saves real lives every day. And it takes years to train. We hope you enjoy browsing our surgery games collection and find a browser game that makes you happy!

What are Surgery Games?

Surgery games put you in the operating theater as a life-saving surgeon, without any credentials. You’ll have to use your gaming skills to help these patients instead! Let’s hope they’re up to the task. You can perform surgery on eyes, throats, ears, and other organs. Do your best to ensure your patients leave happy and healed!

We collected 22 of the best free online surgery games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new surgery games such as and top surgery games such as Virtual Knee Surgery, Monster Hospital, and Save the Bunny.
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