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RAID: Shadow Legends

(716 votes)
January 2020
Browser (desktop-only), App Store(iOS, Android)
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Join the RAID: Shadow Legends phenomenon! RAID: Shadow Legends is an epic fantasy action-RPG game. Gather legendary warriors and manage your fortress to triumph as a champion! This game has taken the world by storm and has over 15 million downloads worldwide. Join in the action today and see what all the fuss is about!

This game has an excellent scope and virtually unlimited playability. There are story campaigns, epic boss battles, PVP arena, dungeon runs and more. Each different game mode in itself offers hours of gameplay and RPG-style progression. RAID Shadow Legends is a great combination of role playing, and fantasy RPG mechanics.

What can you expect from the World of Teleria?

Choose champions from 16 different races and build up a formidable team of heroes. The main aim of this game is hero building and progression - it is a hero collection game at heart. You can unlock special gear, artifacts to aid in battles, and special skills, aoe attacks, and different abilities.

The two main hero classifications are light and darkness - this is further broken down into sub-factions like orcs and humans. The story of this game is immersive too - you can learn about the history of characters and the different relationships between the various factions.

Forge alliances and work together to unlock rarer items

One of the best aspects of this exciting game is the ability to join alliances. You can join your friends and forge alliances for mutual gain. Alliances can join in group activities like fighting a raid clan boss. Moreover, you can give each other support and strategies when fighting arena battles.

If you value teamwork and want to play with likeminded people, you will enjoy the alliance aspect of RAID: Shadow Legends. In addition to this, the general gameplay and sense of progression are amazing. You will learn to love your characters as you increase their level, equip them with new gear, and improve their abilities and skills.

Play F2P, or spend a little with microtransactions

The beauty of RAID Shadow Legends is that it caters to both hardcore games, and casuals. If you want to spend money, then you can take advantage of the various microtransactions - this helps your progression. Alternatively, if you want to play for free, you don’t have to spend a penny!

Why not give this amazing online RPG game a try today and start your epic collection of heroes? You can play for as little or as long as you want - you can also spend weeks away from RAID: Shadow Legends, and pick it up when you want with your progression saved!

  • Over 300 collectible characters
  • 16 playable factions
  • Excellent 3D fantasy graphics
  • Fun RPG gameplay
  • Join guilds and play with friends


RAID: Shadow Legends is made by Plarium.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


Mouse and keyboard to play the game.

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