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Detective Games

Detective Games - Follow in the footsteps of legends like Sherlock Holmes!

Point and Click

Point-and-click is a popular format for detective games. After all, you’ll be solving mysteries by examining the scene and gathering evidence for your case. House of Hidden Clues is a mystery-themed hidden object game that lets you investigate a mysterious death.

Popular Detective Games

The most popular detective game at CrazyGames is Murderer. This is a 3D multiplayer game inspired by the likes of Among Us and Werewolf. Check it out, and many more detective browser games in the collection.


What are the most popular Detective Games?

  1. Detective Loupe Puzzle
  2. Extraordinary: Trace
  3. Betrayal.io
  4. Extraordinary: Soul
  5. Extraordinary: Monster
  6. Disc Us
  7. Embercry
  8. The Untitled Happiness Project
  9. Extraordinary: Immortal
  10. Room Escape: Strange Case

What are the best Detective Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Detective Loupe Puzzle
  2. Hidden Objects: Save the Girl 3D
  3. Extraordinary: Soul
  4. The Effective Detective
  5. Pursuit

What are Detective Games?

Detective games test your ability to investigate and solve problems. Use your investigative skills to solve mysteries, escape from haunted hospitals, and crack cold cases like the best detectives. Interrogate our games collection and see which one is guilty of being the best detective game!

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