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The Final Earth 2

(15,642 votes)
Florian van Strien
June 2020
Last Updated:
October 2022
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(iOS, Android), Steam
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The Final Earth 2 is a vertical city building game. Starting on a small rock in outer-space, you have to build your city and population from the ground up – literally. Resource management and a happy workforce is the key to building a thriving metropolis.

How to Play

Leave Earth behind

The year is 2142, and Earth is a barren wasteland. Thankfully, you built a spaceship to fly away to a new world. A tiny world that will become your new home. You don’t start with much, but your society advances as you build more farms, houses, and fulfil the needs of your citizens. Once you’ve acquired new technologies and created a happy society on your beloved space rock, you can fly to other tiny worlds in your spaceship to advance your space colony further.

Increase the population

There are over fifty buildings to be unlocked in Final Earth 2. You can create vast vertical cityscapes with thousands of inhabitants, satisfying the dreams of any city-building geek. All while being a free browser game that can be accessed in seconds.

Satisfy the needs of your people

Like many city building games, your population has various needs to be happy. And like many other city sim games, their needs get more complex as your civilization advances. These needs can be satisfied with new buildings and good workforce management.

Balance the economy

The workforce can be assigned depending on what resource you need most. If stone is more important, simply tip the balance, and the same applies for other resources. Using the exploration center, you can unlock new technologies too, like improved equipment for the workforce.

Game Modes

There are 7 game modes in Final Earth 2. The story mode starts with “A New Beginning”, where you’ve left a post-apocalyptic Earth to build a new civilization. If you want to follow the story, that’s the mode to play. However, there are also 6 free play scenarios set in a variety of unique environments.

Free play scenarios:

  • Mega World – huge world for building mega cities
  • Random Archipelago – random clique of worlds
  • Empty Canvas – huge world + resource-rich small worlds
  • Divided – rocks and trees divided
  • Random Mini Worlds – countless tiny worlds
  • Archipelago Classic – clique of worlds


  • Explore the story or play in sandbox for complete freedom
  • Discover over 50 building types as you advance
  • Build a thriving metropolis with thousands of active inhabitants
  • Upgrade your workforce and colonize new worlds

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Release Date

  • June 2019 (HTML5)
  • March 2022 (iOS)
  • August 2022 (Android)


Florian Van Strien developed The Final Earth 2. Florian won the CrazyGames 2018 developer contest and developed other excellent games like circlo02 and Stop the Darkness. Music by Stijn Cappetijn.


Web browser (desktop and mobile) and Steam.

Last Updated

Oct 27, 2022


Use the mouse to play. Tip: Ctrl+Click near a citizen to follow them!


How do you get computer chips in The Final Earth 2?

You need to unlock the Computing Research Centre. Building it unlocks the Computer Chip Factory.

How can I increase happiness in The Final Earth 2?

The Secret Society of the key, an in-game society, will help you boost the overall happiness of your population by giving you various tasks to complete.

Gameplay Video

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