Monster Clearer

Monster Clearer is an innovative RPG with simple mechanics but an addictive gameplay.

Game Instructions & Tips

  • Battles happen automatically, you just need to click a monster to send it into battle.
  • Each monster has an icon that represents what actions they do next, kill the one with a red icon first because they are attacking you even though you are not attacking them.
  • If your HP runs out, you can rest to fully restore your health, but the progress is reset and you need to fight the enemies from the last location again.
  • You can also get equipment, potions, and magic; use them to make your character stronger. Magics, skills, and potions can be used during battles.
  • Sell the equipment that you don't need to be able to buy more useful things.
  • Don't forget to spend your points to increase your hero's status.
Have fun with this amazing RPG game!


Monster Clearer is developed by Adventale, a very talented young game developer who creates innovative and artistic RPG games.



Use your mouse to play this game.
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