Once Upon A Coma
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Once Upon A Coma

Once Upon A Coma is an adventure game where you play as a character named Pete. Pete has just woken up from a coma and the world that he once knew has long gone and transformed into something dark and mysterious. The world is very different and strange and you must explore to find your way around the new city.

After waking from your coma, you quickly realize that you cannot locate your beloved sister anywhere. You instantly set out to find her and make sure that she is safe, can you discover the dark truth that looms over you. Good luck!

Release Date

February 2018


This is a demo version with only Chapter 1 to be played.


Atmos Games made Once Upon A Coma.


  • An epic side-scrolling adventure-platformer game
  • Beautiful arts
  • Deep storyline
  • Many objects to interact
  • Various challenging puzzles to solve


  • Web browser
  • Steam


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • X to swing the sword
  • Z to jump
  • Space bar to interact