Supply Chain Idle

Supply Chain Idle is the fun management game in which you need to create a successful supply chain between production and distribution units. Start by placing production units that will actually make the products that will be sold. Then you can strategically place the distribution units that will act as shops and market the produced goods.

The successfulness of your job will heavily rely on your ability to market and sell your products in mass amounts at a time. By doing this you will quickly unlock even more different types of products to sell across your units. Good luck!

Release Date

September 2018


Supply Chain Idle was made by UpTurn Games.


  • Management game with idle gameplay
  • Different businesses to build
  • Buy and sell upgrades
  • You have the freedom to choose which buildings to place and their distribution system
  • Cloud save to keep your progress across devices


Web browser



Use the left mouse button to play.
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