Counterblow is a cool 3D first person shooter title in which you must fight as an elite soldier against endless waves of enemy troops. The graphics of this game are superb and reminiscent of CoD FPS titles – then game also uses standard FPS controls including WASD keys for movement and left click to fire your weapon and aim. In this title you are fighting against AI opponents, and these opponents are deadly so be careful!

You must move around the building complex and take out every enemy you encounter – use a range of different weapons such as shotguns, machine guns and pistols and try to take as little damage as possible. Wave after wave of enemies will approach and the game becomes steadily more difficult. With great gameplay and fun wave mechanics, Counterblow is a heap of fun so pick up your weapons today and start fighting!

Release Date

January 2018


  • Cool soldier design
  • Map with many objects
  • Pickable weapons
  • Intense music


Counterblow is a web browser game.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to shoot
  • Right click to zoom
  • 123456789 to change weapon
  • Alt to crouch
  • X to prone
  • E to pick up weapon
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