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Sniper Games

Show off your shooting skills with our range of sniper games. How well can you handle this powerful long-range weapon?

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Assassin Sniper Games

Many sniper games put you in the shoes of a professional hitman tasked with identifying and assassinating high-profile figures. Popular games in this category include Sniper Assassin and Sniper Attack 3D. In these games, you’re given a target description and have to take them down discreetly.

Online Sniper Games

If you’re a confident marksman, you can take your aiming skills to the online arena. Playing online sniper games is a great way to test your aiming skills against other players. As you might know, it’s much more challenging than playing against lifeless bots!

Jump into a bloody Christmas nightmare in Winter Clash 3D. In this online battleground, there can only be one rifle-wielding Santa Claus – you. This game is part of the Sniper Clash series of shooter games. There’s a wide range of online sniper games in first-person and third-person in this section.

Stickman Sniper Games

If you want to shoot stickmen instead of people, you can always look to our stickman sniper games like Tactical Assassin 3. This game goes back to the assassin theme, where you’re paid to conduct assassinations secretly and avoid detection.


What are the most popular Sniper Games?

  1. Kirka.io
  2. Time Shooter 3: SWAT
  3. Ninja Clash Heroes
  4. Sniper Shot: Bullet Time
  5. Rooftop Snipers
  6. Winter Clash 3D
  7. Assault Bots
  8. Sniper Clash 3D
  9. Sniper Master
  10. RoyaleDudes.io

What are the best Sniper Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Kirka.io
  2. Time Shooter 3: SWAT
  3. RoyaleDudes.io
  4. Elite Sniper
  5. Police Sniper 1

What are Sniper Games?

Sniper games are shooting games with an emphasis on aim and focus. Most sniper games are 3D and involve long-range objectives that require a strong sense of accuracy. Pick your sniper rifle of choice and aim down the scope. Eliminate your target with a clean shot.

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