Gun Games

Get gunning in any of these trigger-happy titles! This comprehensive selection of free gun games has everything from weaponized eggs to zombie apocalypse shooters. Find the newest and best gun games by using the filters.

FPS Gun Games

Gun games narrow down the shooting genre to the use of handheld guns. FPS games are by far the most popular type of online gun game. These games provide a 3D skill-based environment to test your reflexes, aim, and incur temporary death on other participants.

The premise for many of these games is similar, but players pick favorites often by what maps they like and the overall 'feel' of the game. Mainly, you'll be able to choose from an arsenal of weapons, armor, and weapon modifications. Many FPS games differentiate with unique features like perks and abilities that allow you to gain an edge.

Gun games are hugely popular. As such, there's plenty of titles to choose from. If you're a hardcore FPS aficionado, you might want to check out Forward Assault and Krunker, which take influence from Counter-Strike, the magnum opus of first-person shooting games.

Survival Gun Games

What are those FPS games missing? Apocalyptic scenarios. Thankfully, we have games for the casual doomsdayer. Games like Masked Forces: Zombie Survival, where you can obliterate waves of zombies and shoot up other players too.

Maybe you just want a regular survival game without apocalyptic undertones. Battle Royale Survival is an FPS .io game that puts you in a classic hunger games scenario where you must fight to be the last person alive!

More Gun Games

Whatever kind of browser-based gun game you want to play, you'll find it here, whether it's something creative and quirky like GunSpin or your classic FPS like Bullet Force. From top-down and side-scrolling 2D games to a fully-fledged apocalyptic deathmatch. Find your game, find your weapon, and get gunning.


What are the most popular Gun Games?

  1. Shell Shockers
  2. Bullet Force
  3. Forward Assault Remix
  4. Amazing Strange Rope Police
  5. Downtown 1930s Mafia
  6. Realistic Zombie Survival Warfare
  8. Assault Bots
  9. Zombs Royale (
  10. Murderer

What are the best Gun Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Build Royale
  2. (Survivio)
  3. Gun Night (.io)
  4. Gunblood Remastered
  5. Agent of Descend

What are Gun Games?

Gun games are shooting games where you take control of a gun. With your weapon in hand, you'll use it to spray bullets at your enemies or snipe them with precision. It depends if you're a marksman or a spray and prayer. Select your action-packed gun game of choice, lock and load, and unleash firearm fury.

We collected 277 of the best free online gun games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new gun games such as The Dead Walkers and top gun games such as Shell Shockers, Bullet Force, and Forward Assault Remix.
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