Can you be the last person standing in the epic SCAR game? SCAR is an epic multiplayer battle royale game that has similarities to the hugely popular PUBG. In this game, you explore an open landscape and must pick up weapons and items to survive against the other players.

You can also jump into vehicles to make your way around the map faster. Always pay attention to your surroundings as the enemies can be anywhere. Can you be the last man standing and dominate in SCAR?

What to expect from this superb multiplayer game

SCAR is one of the best third person shooter free online games we have seen for a while. The graphics are brilliant and the battle royale gameplay is intense but fun. Once you get used to the controls, you will start picking off enemies and improving your skills.

When playing this fun battle royale game you must use stealth and play carefully. If you go in all guns blazing, you may get picked off or overwhelmed. Choice of weapons is important to - make sure you choose a weapon you are comfortable with.

There is a myriad of classes to choose from - each class can utilize different weapons and has a particular skillset. Use a class that you enjoy, but that you are also effective with. Don’t forget to taunt your opponents too when you score a kill to make that elimination that much sweeter!

Finally, SCAR is a game that has some brilliant vehicles such as buggies, quad bikes, and cars. Although most vehicles do not have weapons, you can use them to travel around the large map quickly. Moreover, vehicles can provide cover too or a quick getaway.

Give this awesome third-person a try today and see if you can dominate in the battle royale arena!

Release Date

March 2019


SCAR is developed by Roberto Mulas (aka Ciorbyn).


  • Third-person multiplayer shooter game
  • Different classes with a unique set of weapons
  • Cool taunt options
  • Two game modes
  • Many vehicles to drive


Web browser



  • *WASD* or *arrow keys* = Move or drive
  • *mouse* = Move character/vehicle camera
  • *CapsLock* = Walk/run
  • *shift* = Sprint
  • *space* = Roll
  • *\* or *scroll* = Switch weapon
  • *g* = Get an item
  • *f* = Fight
  • *r* = Reload
  • *e* = Action button
  • *tab* = Show scoreboard
  • *t* = taunt
  • *v* = visual
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