Sky Kid Mini

Sky Kid Mini is a fantastic and frustrating platform game that takes inspiration from both the original Sky Kid game and the immensely popular Flappy Bird arcade game. During this game you must control your Sky Kid airplane and attempt to guide him as fas as possible through a series of mazes.

use the left click mouse button to keep your plane flying and to move it up or down. You must avoid objects and platforms and also watch out for missiles that occasionally fire from enemies! This is an endless game in which you must try to fly for as long as possible - can you break into the global leader board and make the top 5?

Release Date

October 2017


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment developed Sky Kid Mini.


  • The original soundtrack of Sky Kid that accompanying you throughout the game
  • Unlockable plane models
  • Randomized environment with each new game started
  • Incoming missiles that add up the challenge


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Left click to tilt the airplane up.
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